App Updates

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UPDATE 2.5.3 is available for all Apple phones!
-Fixed the voice issue
-Bugs and the fixes

Steps to Update your Android App Manually

1. Open the Google Play Store app.

2. Touch the Menu icon (3 lines)

3. My Apps.

4. Apps with available updates are labeled “Update.”

5. Select The Villages GPS and touch Update.

After it updates, turn your phone off and back on.

UPDATE 2.4.9
  • Update in the new and improved full Design
  • Changes done in Speedometer/Point to Point screen. You can see distances between 2 points if you wish now or just drive if you know where you are going with just speedometer so you don’t go over speed limit.
  • Added a new button for tracking current location
  • Changes done in our new “take the tour” of our app to help beginners
  • Changed Top Status Bar color black to white
Also Fixed:
  • Tracking Issues
  • Fixed Source to Destination issue
  • Search any of the locations and custom locations will work together in routes as well
  • Fixed more to YELP to make our searches the best around with reviews of everything in The Villages!! restaurants, etc, etc
  • Fixed a couple bugs on crashing
Update 2.4.6 for all iPhones, iPads, Android phone and tablets
  • Removed all Green lines in Navigation. Just show the Red lines now. This will make the app load a lot faster now without crashing.
  • Added Yelp api for Shopping and Restaurants Category. This will fix all of the issues we had with the Country Clubs not showing up.
  • We made an override on the screen lock so the App doesn’t close when your screen goes to sleep.
  • We made all of the Executive Golf Course listings in Alphabetical order and ungrouped them. There was a lot of confusion with us grouping them together with their location.
  • In the Championship Golf Course listings we added all of the Restaurant phone numbers.
  • Added Volusia Executive Golf Course
  • Added Bradenton Recreation Center
  • Added Village of Lake Deaton
  • Added what type of pool beside all pool names
  1. CC= Country Club
  2. AP= Adult Pool
  3. FP= Family Pool
  4. SP = Sports Pool
  • Fixed the position of Hibiscus pool
  • Changed Names and info for:
  1. Glenview Champions CC
  2. Nancy Lopez Legacy CC
  3. Orange Blossom Hills CC
  4. Hacienda to Mission Hills ‘AP’
  • Added
  1. Cane Garden Pool ‘CC’
  2. Evans Prairie Pool    ‘CC’
  3. Hacienda Hills Pool  ‘CC’
  4. Havana Pool             ‘CC’
  • Added Dog Parks in ‘Search’
  1. Mulberry Dog Park
  2. Paradise Dog Park
  3. Brinson-Perry Dog Park
  • Updated the address of Captiva Recreation Center to: 658 Pinellas Pl. The Villages, FL 32162
  • Updated location of Southern Star & Yankee Clipper Executive Golf Course’s to: 2514 St. Charles Pl 32162
  • Fixed a lot of other bugs and crashing issues.

Both iOS and Android

  • Fixed Allamanda Recreation Center’s actual location.
  • Fixed the Tutorial showing Cart route that actually said Car route. 
  • Fixed the spelling for Oakleigh. Was spelled incorrect in the Executive Golf Course list. 
  • Many more little issues and bugs were fixed. 

iOS Fixes

  • Fixed Spelling in Search. When the user added an address in and clicked “Favorite this place”, it said “Favouriate added”. We aren’t in Europe 😉
  • Fixed mileage reading from Results to Navigation to be the same.
  • The Main Menu button does not work. (Right before the user clicks Start.)
  • Fixed crash issues on iphone 6 and 6 plus.

Android Fixes

  • Fixed the Copy and Past copy and paste in the Search bar.
  • Renamed the “Edit” button that said Delete in the Favorites section
  • Added an “Change order” and a “Scroll” button in the Favorites section because it wasn’t letting you scroll.
***** We added a Speedometer! Now see how fast you’re going.
***** Added Belle Glade Championship Golf Course
***** Added Rio Grande Pool
***** Added 7 Village Neighborhoods******

***** Fixed the voice has not saying all of the directions all the way to the end of the route.
***** Changed the name from: Village of Harmeswood To: Harmeswood of Belle Aire.
***** Fixed the location of Antrim Dells Recreation Center.
***** Fixed the location of Hawks Bay Executive Golf Course
***** Fixed the location of El Diablo & El Santiago Executive Golf Course
***** Fixed app not working in iOS 6


1. We have changed our logo from the Golf Cart to a Compass and our colors.

We are in no way affiliated with or related to The Villages, Inc. and we take great pride that this was built by Villagers for Villagers!

2. Crashing Issues addressed

3. Satellite, Hybrid and Standard view options before the user clicks Directions. We made the default setting to Standard so it’s easy viewing. You can now change that easily if you want to see the Hybrid or Satellite views.

(Keep in mind, The satellite views may not show all of those new places south of 466a since the Satellites above need to take the new image.)

4. Updated All Pools, Golf Courses, Recreation Centers and Village Neighborhoods.

5. Changed the name of the Village of Summerfield to Village of Summerhill

6. Changed the name of Springdale Pool to Mulberry Pool

7. Changed the name of Village of Bridgeport @ Lakeside Landings to Edgewater Bungalows

8. Added……Village of Hickory Head Hammock

9. Added…….Lake Deaton Pool  “Neighborhood Pool”

10. Added…….Antrim Dells Recreation Center

11.  Added……Manatee Village Recreation Center

12. Added……Village of Bonnybrook

13. Fixed  Cane Garden’s actual address

14. “Contact Us” email was corrected to the

15. Restaurants Button – We took out Grocery Stores: Walmart, Aldi, Winn Dixie and Publix as results.

16. The step by step Tutorial is now only shown the first time you open up the app. If you need to see it, it will be in the “More” section.

17. Removed the “Info” button from “Home” screen. If you need to see it, it will be in the “More” section under “About Us”.

18. We made an “Option Box” that you can click if you no longer want to see the Green, Red, Blue explanation and warning.

19. In the “Search” Hospitals option all of the facilities had been listed “three times.” This has been corrected.

20. Editable Favorites that can be reorganized…. Now you can change the name of the entry AND Move up or down within the Favorites.  You want to label “Home”, “Betty’s House”, etc and personalize… no problem!!

21. Fixed “About Us” had multiple typos, punctuation and grammatical errors.  Also, corrected spelling on main page with “Recreation Centers”.

22. You have reached your destination…… Once you arrive at the destination, it should say…. ” You have reached your destination, on the Right or Left”..  It does this now.

23. When you click “Search” button, when you started to type an address or something else the app only gave you a limited time to do this before it automatically gave you suggestions. Then it erased what you were typing. Frustrating… ya we know!!  Now that is fixed.

24. We deleted the following categories that were not needed: Bus Station, Electronic Store, Food, Fuel, Government Office, Health, Jewelry Store, Laundry, Night Club, Plumber, Stadium, Subway Station, Train Station, Travel Agency, University, Zoo. (You can type anything you want in the Search and you will probably find it)

25. As soon as you go out of the app (let’s say to answer the phone, a text message, etc) and go back in, the voice directions didn’t work. Now it works when you have exited the app. The voice directions will always work until you close the app.

26. Below 466a we updated more Golf Carts allowed in GREEN and Golf Carts are Not allowed in RED. (We will alway keep adding everything as The Villages expand each update we have)

27. We added “SEARCH” in the “More” button on home page.

28. When you click the “Search” We changed the “HOME” button  in Search to say “BACK”.

29. Start button lag…. After the user clicks Start for Golf Cart Directions… There is a short 4-5 second delay before mapping begins.  We tried to minimize this to 1-2 seconds but the Golf Cart routes have to load over a 100 miles of roads and Cart paths routes and that takes a few seconds…  We know it’s not a big deal but always looking to improve things.

30. Corrected On the “Home Screen”…..Centers was spelled wrong for Recreation Centers.

31. Restaurants and Shopping search corrected with better searches

32. Slowed up the Voice… It was talking way too fast.

33. We added the following: