iPhone / iPad FAQ

iPhone / iPad App Frequently Asked Questions

How to update to the latest version on iPhone?
Please follow these steps to update your iPhone app.
  1. Go to your App Store App
  2. Click the Update button on the bottom right.
  3. Find Villages GPS
  4. Click Update
Also, If you turn on the automatic update apps function, you won’t have to do that for any apps again.
How to turn automatic app updates on?
  1.  Tap on Settings
  2.  Scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store
  3.  Tap the toggle next to Updates to turn it on.
Follow these steps to see what version your app currently is

Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage wait for ALL apps to load… May take a minute.

Scroll down to Villages GPS and it will say what version you have.

When in doubt having issues you can Delete and Reboot the app following these exact Steps
  1. Delete the app
  2. Turn off and then back on your phone.
  3. Click App Store App
  4. Click Search and enter “Villages GPS App”
  5. Click on the “Cloud with an Arrow pointing Down”.
  6. Wait until it says Open… The click Open
  7. Click “OK” when the Popup asks “Villages GPS” Would Like To Use Your Current Location. Don’t Allow OR Ok………
Then try the app again.
Interference in your house
You could be having interference inside of your house. Try going down the street a block and try the app again in a safe place.
Bad Cell Service

There are a few places in The Villages where cel phone signals drop out that will really mess up the app because it needs to know where you are at all times.

Steps to check your volume:
The iPhone has 2 different volume settings and a Mute button on the top left.
  1. Make sure your Mute button on the left side of your phone is off.
  2. Turn up your Volume as high as possible before opening the app.
  3. Start a route from your home or wherever you are.
  4. After you click “Start” and it shows the route, now turn up your volume again. Now you are good to go.
Search Bug Work around
There is a bug with the Search button we are trying to fix. The work around is to type in a address or place and let the app automatically find it. Once it finds it in the list… Click it on the list and you will be good to go.
Searching address tip
Most of the new places in The Villages was bought from another city. So if you search the address and add either Wildwood or Fruitland Park at the end, you may have a better outcome.
Follow these steps to see what version your app currently is

Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage wait for ALL apps to load… May take a minute.

Scroll down to Villages GPS and it will say what version you have.

How do I search for a Address or place?
To enter any address or place, just go to the Search icon on the top right and enter it in there. After it finds the place or address, you can save it to your Favorites by clicking on the Heart to the right so you don’t have to search for it again.
Is there any easy way to exit from the app?
To Exit the App on an iPhone, You double click your your Main Menu button on the bottom middle of the phone. You will see everything that is running right now. All you do from there is swipe UP on the app and it will go away and stop.
I can not zoom in without it automatically moving back to your location
Work Around: After clicking Start on a route, there is a squiggly snake looking icon. Click that to get a overview and zoom in where you want. You will see the Re Center button as well. Just click that to zoom back in to where you currently are.

After you opened the app for the first time… There is a popup that says ” Villages GPS Would Like To Use Your Current Location Don’t Allow OR Ok”…..You should have clicked OK but clicked Don’t Allow.

There are two ways to fix this.

  • 1. Allow location in Privacy Settings.


  • the App and go to the App store, download it again (now it’s Free) Then click OK when prompted to use your current location
Steps to Allow location in Privacy Settings
  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Privacy
  3. Click Location Services… Make sure it is On
  4. Scroll down to Villages GPS and click On
  5. Close the App by double clicking the “Home” button on the bottom of your real fast.
  6. Swipe up on Villages GPS App until it goes away.
  7. Click Home button once.
  8. Click on Villages GPS App and try it again.
Why 2 Apps in the App Store and Play Store?

One is Villages GPS, Download that one.

The other says Vilages_GPS

Villages_GPS was originally made for iPads and tablets back in the day. They won’t allow us to combine them into one.

They are exactly the same but we have to keep them because a lot of people bought those apps in the beginning , so as advertised, they get all updates free.

If you would like to leave us a nice Review
If you like what we are doing and want to help us out…. Please leave us a nice review in the App Store by opening up iTunes… Search for Villages GPS and then click on “Ratings and Reviews” Then click “Write a Review” We sure would like that. 🙂

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