Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with The Villages?
No! We are just a couple of Villagers who started this app in 2013.

Villages GPS is not affiliated with, related to, or originates from in any way to The Developer / The Villages, Inc. / Holding Company of The Villages, Inc.

How much is the application?
The cost is $6.99 per year. All future updates, enhancements, and improvements are included in this price.

Existing Owner before November 13th, 2023, for iPhone / iPads and Nov 2, 2023, for Android users.

If you were an existing owner before November 13th, 2023, for iPhone / iPads and Nov 2, 2023, for Android users.

Please note: You will not be billed annually unless you change your original phone type or opt for the ad-free subscription. You can continue enjoying the app without any additional charges unless you decide to change your phone type.

For instance, if you switch from an iPhone to an iPhone or Android to an Android device, your subscription will remain active.

However, if you move from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa, you must purchase a new subscription, as the app’s data cannot be transferred between different operating systems. (We had to make two completely separate apps.)

Why should I pay for this app?
  • We continue to make improvements to the app behind the scenes. When you open the app, it updates anything we have added.
  • We give you turn-by-turn voice directions.
  • We think you will enjoy the way we have it set up.
  • You can customize your app on how you want it, including having your favorites, etc.
  • You can use the app by Golf Cart or Automobile.
  • Easy Search options quickly plot restaurants, stores, pools, golf courses, squares, and more!


Is there a tutorial on what everything does?
Yes! All the way down on the Home page, there is a Tutorials tile. Click on that to see what everything does. You can zoom in on each slide to get a better close-up view.
Will I be able to save places or addresses as my favorite locations?
Yes! For addresses like your house, go to the Search icon on the top left or bottom right.

Click in that space bar and type in your complete address.

Once it finds it, click on it and then click the heart to save it in your Favorites so you don’t have to search for it again.

For any Place, like a square, rec center, etc. Click on that category and then. Click the heart to save it in your Favorites.

Now, you can click on Favorites at the bottom, and it will always be there.

Point to Point Feature
Point to Point is just a bonus feature we added, only meant to “Show” directions from two places that you’re “NOT” currently at.

Point to Point feature is a great way to see directions from two places you’re not currently at. It’s especially useful for planning your golf cart or automobile trips. Just click on the Start button, and you’ll be able to choose by Golf Cart or Automobile to see the estimated time and distance it takes to get from your starting point to your destination.​

Transferring the App
There are a couple of factors about transferring the App.

If you are using the same type of phone…iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android… It will transfer.

If not, they will not transfer because they are two totally different operating systems. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase a new app, or if your spouse or family member has the app on the same device you purchased, you can ask to be on their family plan.

Here is a website that shows you five different ways to transfer from iPhone to iPhone


Here’s a video of how to transfer all of your data from Android to Android



It’s a great idea to seek assistance from your phone carrier when transferring your data, contacts, and apps to a new smartphone. They have the expertise and tools to make the process smooth and seamless. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Data Transfer: Your phone carrier can guide you through the process of transferring your existing data, including photos, videos, messages, and other files, to your new device. They may use specialized tools or cloud-based services to ensure a secure and efficient transfer.

  2. Contact Migration: Your carrier can assist in transferring your contacts from your old phone to your new one. They may use methods like syncing your contacts with your Google account or using a dedicated contact transfer app.

  3. App Installation: If you’ve purchased a new phone with a different operating system, your carrier can provide guidance on installing your existing apps from the new app store. They may also help you identify compatible versions of your apps and troubleshoot any installation issues.

  4. Account Setup: Your carrier can assist in setting up your new phone with your existing phone number and carrier account. They can also help you activate any new services or features that you’ve subscribed to.

  5. Troubleshooting:

  6. If you encounter any problems during the transfer process, your carrier’s technical support team can provide troubleshooting assistance. They can help identify and resolve any issues to ensure a successful transition to your new device.

    By utilizing the expertise and support of your phone carrier, you can ensure that your data, contacts, and apps are transferred smoothly and securely to your new smartphone, minimizing downtime and maximizing your enjoyment of your new device.

No Sound / I can't hear the audio directions.
Your phone has two different volume settings.

  • Make sure the Mute button on your phone is off on the left-hand side of the phone. Click it towards you.
  • Turn up your Volume as high as possible before opening the app.
  • Start a route from your home or wherever you are.
  • After you click “Start” and it shows the route, turn up your volume again.
Does your app have all the Golf Cart Paths South in the newer areas?
We have almost every single street and path up to date. As you may know, “The Developer” is constantly building south, and they build fast! We sure do keep up the best we can.
Can't find the answer to what your searching for?
Please email us at villagesgps@gmail.com

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Click on Contact Us and send us your questions. We would be happy to assist.